The Yellow Mares

Arms wrapped around each other in the cool green grass

A slow gallop picks up speed

A parade of sunlight combusting yellow sparks

Across the plain run the yellow mares

Procession of flashes light up our faces

My girlfriend smiles and wets her lips in the sun

I on my way to becoming prince of golden dreams

Drown my face in the sunshine of her being

She gets up and lets fall a thousand golden flakes

Shake off slowly all that kissing

In the tender brightness of our storm

I get up as well and reach towards her

My arm brushes her neck causing fire sparks

In the friction of love

She rolls into me and we slow gaze at each other for a while

In our golden embrace

We notice our possible future

Ahead of us

A stream of sunlight

The wild gallop of golden desire

A chance to mount the yellow mares


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