Here we sit together…

Here we sit together in a park

Of splendid rumors

A dawn of turbulence bathed in

The glamorous shine of scandal

Yes indeed we have heard stories

Apart from each other we consider

A silent jewel to be an

Accomplice to the nature of



You must think I disassemble my personality

To murder a blue foam

A trickle fire erupting its

Blossom water on the edge

Of my nose

We have argued to speak no longer

Of a cuddling electric sea friend

Unless we are under the fragile net

Of sleep draped with angelic murmur

Watching in dirty position I

Helped the sun turn our

Arrangement into attractive dust

Dust however will be left


Not to chase across infested


Yet counting how many particles

Explode the roofs off an

Unappreciative town

One by one and with all that

Is familiar with the multitude

Of destructive glory

Fashioning a farewell sigh and

Letting our hands tremble

Ten stories above our rhyme

We cursed the wind leaving

A mystery drowning


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