JULIA: I love the rubies of evening. Don’t you?

TOM: Sometimes. Sometimes the waves crash against you too hard.

JULIA: Relationships of the sea. We’re all sailors!

TOM: Some of us, sad searchers.

JULIA: Do you ever think about heartbreak? A wound?

TOM: I think about romantic movement!

JULIA: Beautiful heartache. Beautiful like the stars at night!

TOM: A concert of tears. Not always sad. But always love.

JULIA: Love. That storm at sea. I wonder.

TOM: Wonder about what?

JULIA: Just I wonder.

TOM: Crashing against rocks. Kisses delicate. Steady compass?

JULIA: Lover bound!

TOM: Navigating together against sand.

JULIA: Foreign winds can shake the boat!

TOM: Steady happiness. Unique only to them.

JULIA: Sounds like that’s how it should be.

TOM: And those rocks.

JULIA: Love at sea.

TOM: Those weary travelers. Some never leaving shore.

JULIA: Some never looking above at night.

TOM: A rainbow tempest!

JULIA: Lover bound!



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