The Sky-Blue of the Day

She walks by wearing blue stockings in the rainy afternoon

Her youth is like a tender dream

She wears a pair of adolescent stars from her ears

All her boyfriends, when they speak, sound like cool rivers

In the sky-blue of the day

She smiles

The way lilac bushes crush petals into joy


Now three o’clock in the precious afternoon of torn cotton strands

School lets out a riot of sapphire glitter

Some girl stripes her vanilla ice cream cone with azure breathing

On seeing this she faints like a toss of sprinkles


She’s woken by blue candy kisses

Like a cluster of stars falling

From a boy

Upon her face

The constellation of a crush


As she gets up

A thousand blue ponies slide from her rain-water hair

Before disappearing in the distance

Young children mount them tackling flowers


She kisses him

And lets slide the sky-blue of the day from her lips

His arms fall like water around her body

As she turns, racing to make friends with

The twinkling blue of a butterfly’s eye


© Matthew Goff


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