A heated swell of perfume…

A heated swell of perfume

Dripping from his lover’s cheek

Welcomes many more feelings to surrender

Than the windshield reveals now


Driving upon waterfall roads

Couples are seen as fashionable animals

While the starlet sisters giggle

Behind trees where winds sneak around



            While the passengers slide upon each other’s laps, a ruffling of clothes is heard in a car nearby. The naivete of subtle experience may someday welcome someone to slip along the sweaty steps of pleasure-stained pools: The Erotic Congregation, where the logistics of the court presume “Not Guilty” indefinitely. For temptation is more than desire in Vain, but human curiosity. We can only predict our immediate future and what certain components are to be gained up until a certain point. But new found treasures lie awaiting our innocent stumble, many instances where a courtship often leads to a garden of rose-colored garter belts. Which serve in replacement for telephone wire strung above homes whose tenants excitedly plan for the next affair.

© Matthew Goff


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