Once ago a time perfect…

Once ago a time perfect and not only mine but

ours! A love designing sublime rebellion shined!

Days when our kisses held the potential for

avalanches do you recall a faint trembling sign?


The years away from us but that integrity still

inside! A search for those who breathe romantic enterprise!

Nights when smiles meet in agreement toward

best planning the adventure in each other’s eyes!


© Matthew Goff


Temper of Cotton

O pure Sagittarius in light-blue dressed

Your outfit hugs kindly those delicate breasts:

water-flowers the moon sprinkled down on your chest

On a sky-pillow your neck how gently it rests


Cloud of porcelain-white asleep in your perfume

The life you breathe into it a slumberous tune

Disrupts a cluster of stars happily may they resume

a ring of memories alive and with us soon


© Matthew Goff

A young boy…

A young boy had just dove off the roof of his house, the moment I caught sight of two maple trees wrestling with each other in the orange mists of a teenage sneeze, in which their bed of flowers caught the boys fall, in the warm sheets prepared by the nurse disguised as this autumn breeze.

There were of course hallucinations played out in the mind while on September stilts!

© Matthew Goff