A young boy…

A young boy had just dove off the roof of his house, the moment I caught sight of two maple trees wrestling with each other in the orange mists of a teenage sneeze, in which their bed of flowers caught the boys fall, in the warm sheets prepared by the nurse disguised as this autumn breeze.

There were of course hallucinations played out in the mind while on September stilts!

© Matthew Goff


Secret worship…

Secret worship in the eyelashes

Empty mirrors those eyes?

Or are they full of beauty and personal religion?

A heart that beats fast religion for the visual

Slow explosion

Glamour rain

Falls with the radiance of jewels

Upon the eyes

The satin of sparks

And I worship with sexy breathing

A soft devotion like this can distance the heart

But one’s beauty is one’s happiness and excitement

An excitement competing with the world

A world where few things dazzle us

And inspire us to push our appetites into

The velvet arms of dawn

Or maybe that’s just the opinion of our

Worshipper of wet skies


© Matthew Goff

The Waves

The waves created a lady for me to talk to

I told her about you

She rose out of the water like an ocean bride

Someone else’s though

Some lucky lesbian siren perhaps

Or Neptune’s discreet mistress

I don’t know

We met each other in midair

I slowly leapt off the edge of the balcony

Gliding towards her over the sand

She levitated a moment before meeting me halfway

A conversation of crystal sadness begins

I told her my name and she told me hers

Her name was Transparency Flower


© Matthew Goff

Dialogue Poem

BILLY: do you think some people take their medication on the moon?

LISA: I think most people do, not counting zebras

BILLY: I think they’re faking it

LISA: they have no reason though, except for seagulls

BILLY: what do you mean?

LISA: you know, seagulls, adventure, rebel kisses

BILLY: oh that

LISA: well at least it’s peppermint flavored

BILLY: candy ways


© Matthew Goff

The Yellow Mares

Arms wrapped around each other in the cool green grass

A slow gallop picks up speed

A parade of sunlight combusting yellow sparks

Across the plain run the yellow mares

Procession of flashes light up our faces

My girlfriend smiles and wets her lips in the sun

I on my way to becoming prince of golden dreams

Drown my face in the sunshine of her being

She gets up and lets fall a thousand golden flakes

Shake off slowly all that kissing

In the tender brightness of our storm

I get up as well and reach towards her

My arm brushes her neck causing fire sparks

In the friction of love

She rolls into me and we slow gaze at each other for a while

In our golden embrace

We notice our possible future

Ahead of us

A stream of sunlight


The wild gallop of golden desire

A chance to mount the yellow mares


© Matthew Goff

My Golden Girlfriend

My golden girlfriend

A lioness in the sunlight

She brings me

While melting kisses still shine on my lips

Elegant waterfall hair

Blonde as a daydream dreaming yellow mares

Liking her a sunflower crown becomes new religion

She introduced the sun to me

In the flamboyant light of her style and being

Myself, already a worshipper

As I’m sure she’s princess of the wild tribes

Now they’re passions for the sunlight shades

Slow spinning with blonde desire towards the

casual dance of new attraction

Sagittarius and Leo running together ignite

the day with spontaneous heat

Spark of tender amber in the eyes

Turns to burning embraces

A drop of gold in my black crown


Slow change into the wild arms of sunlight

Leaves me exciting

While in her company our glowing faces

Like lions after loving

Leave golden fire traces


© Matthew Goff