That night…



The Raven Tattoo

That night Sara and her mother, Judith, discussed her future. Sara had a tattoo of a raven on the upper part of her left arm. She loved the poems of Edgar Allan Poe. Sara and her mother disagreed about the bright jewels that laid ahead for her. She saw life as one romantic road, and her mother would often strongly object. Sara’s friends would say she blew the moon too many kisses, and was not grounded enough for realistic choices.


Lily gazed off her balcony…

Lily gazed off her balcony holding her lit cigarette, thinking of her boyfriend, the adolescent fires, a world all her own, stepping outside for a cigarette, dreaming away!

Lily was of medium height, black hair, fair skin and slender. She had bluish eyes that she didn’t get from her mother. It was only the two of them and lily had one more year of high school. She dreamed of purple flower futures.

© Matthew Goff

The Flamingo

The Flamingo


TIM: I wonder how long it takes her to get ready during the fourth of July?

ANDREA: fireworks in the sky my philosophy!

BEN: what philosophy? It takes more Andrea

ANDREA: I miss the waves

TIM: I miss you missing the waves

BEN: something solid, and rational

ANDREA: you mean goldfish?

BEN: I mean going to college. Things like that!

ANDREA: so you mean heartbreak, and things like that


© Matthew Goff